Private Sessions
photo by: Adriana M. Galvez Photography

Need extra support to start or deepen your practice? Paul is available to give you private instruction for hatha yoga and meditation. He will focus on your specific needs and will come to your residence or office if needed in either individual or small group settings. Please contact Paul for sliding scale rates and more information

    Paul explains the postures so well, and his use of positive affirmations help me mentally as much as the postures do physically. Afterwards, I carry the calmness of the evening with me for many days. — Sandy R.

    Paul is able to adapt the yoga postures to match my present abilities. I am able to do much more than I ever thought possible and I always feel like a different person after practicing with his individualized help. His approach brings in harmony both the physical and spiritual. — Paulette Katz

    Paul continually provides guidance during postures, is warmly caring, and exudes peace. Upon leaving, I am a healthier, calmer, and brighter spirit. — Michelle E.

    Paul’s classes are spiritual experiences that stay with me for the rest of the day. I am present, focused, and I can touch my toes without throwing my back out! — Rebecca