Do It Wrong!

“I am the vehicle, You are the driver.” -contemporary Indian saying

Regular yoga and meditation practice over time can allow you to feel more:

free spirited
in the moment

Do these qualities seem sadly remote yet still familiar? I know they are qualities I often experienced as a young child – although I found they gradually alluded me as I got older, until I committed myself to spiritual growth. I don’t feel it’s only because very young kids have not been exposed to as much over stimulation, apathetic, and jaded thinking that increasingly young adults onward tend to experience. I sense it’s also because children are still more naturally wired to a mystical power-source of creativity. Whether conscious or not, there is an openness to the mystery of exploring – with fewer “should(s).” Then rules (i.e conditioning) sets in to allow one think there’s a certain way things are supposed “be” “created” “look” or “act”- by peers and/or society.

When approaching a project she was nervous about, a friend once told me she would say to herself “do it wrong.” Of-course, she wanted to do well, but this was a tool she used to detach from having to be “perfect” or “right.” The Bhagavad Gita teaches we can allow a higher consciousness flow through us as vehicles, we take the actions, but we can leave the fruits of them up to that deeper source to sort it out. This challenging yogic principle of letting go allows one to live more in the spirit of life rather than it’s outer form. By surrendering in the moment and opening to the inner light through meditation, our redirected perceptions take us back towards an original innocence.

photo by: Adriana M. Galvez Photography

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Your Soul is Ageless

I recently had a birthday and was reminded to look once more at what really mattered in my life. Rather than take the day off, I decided to teach some scheduled yoga classes and was so glad I did – being of service doing something I loved lifted my awareness beyond thoughts of mere markings on a calendar. It was wonderful! I now do “work” where I feel better leaving than when starting.

George Burns once said “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”

Yoga teaches that, in essence, we are joy free of our physical body. Although the media may often tell us we are our physical age, job description, etc – we can step back from life’s daily stress and get relief from thought clutter, reactive habits, and opinions of others by utilizing:

yoga postures
breathing techniques
loving support
wisdom teachings

As we experience ourselves as consciousness and energy, we can open to inner guidance and stay calm around other people’s stress and our own challenges. It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t.

The key is to make the time, like keeping in touch with a loving friend, for our own inner being. Make a date with your “Self” – soul/spirit. We are so much vaster than what meets the eye and it’s worth even the slightest effort.

photo by: Adriana M. Galvez Photography

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Change is Your Friend!

The beloved Indian deity Ganesha, the elephant god, who ushers in new
beginnings and removes all obstacles, comes to mind as I enter this first

I have found the process of approaching new endeavors, like this website,
more than a little scary at times but also revealing. The Bhagavad Gita
(and life!) remind us that if change was easy, we wouldn’t develop the
stamina, clarity of purpose, and inner resolve needed to rise to new stages
of growth and wholeness. Patience and acceptance is a big part of the
process – imagine trying to force the butterfly out of it’s cocoon halfway
before it is ready to pry its wings out. Its visual spectrum of change is
vivid like a movie script: caterpillar’s incarnation, the mid way hibernation
(and vulnerable) stage in the cocoon, lastly the transformational beauty of
the butterfly spreading its wings and taking flight into its new unknown

Ganesha playfully reminds us rather than fear change – to embrace it. The
deeper yogic lesson of change is that they are all ultimately ripples
(and sometime riptides!) to bring us back beneath and beyond to a wordless
inner “ocean” of peace, stillness, an unconditional joy.

We may not be fully aware of this much of the time in the “matrix” of life, but
we get tastes in our yoga and meditation practice. We can start to breath deeper,
feel more serene, and have more compassion for ourselves and others. Regardless
of our physical, emotional, or spiritual needs, yoga meets us like
a patient friend wherever we are. Its healing power transmutes pain
into beauty because its essence is love.
Many blessings,

photo by: Adriana M. Galvez Photography

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