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Meditation InstructionMeditation is a powerful way to expand your awareness of peace, increase mental clarity, reduce stress level, decrease anxiety, intuitively access your deepest aspirations, and live from the center of your being. With regular practice, it’s benefits are life changing and profound. Paul will give you time honored tools tailored to your specific meditation practice needs with knowledge, caring, and support. Give yourself the gift of this ancient system to experience inner joy and watch it transform your life from the inside-out.

Individualized AttentionPaul will help you find healthy meditation posture alignment using various props to maximize your ability to relax while meditating. Other key aspects of instruction includes the effective use of breath, energy awareness, visualization, and mantra. Also offered are strategies and support materials for continuing and maintaining a regular home meditation practice. To get more information or to schedule a session, please contact Paul.

    I have greatly benefited from Paul’s incredible teaching style. His energy and positive attitude are contagious and it made the meditation class all the more enjoyable. Thank you Paul! — Dharmadevi Romano, director of Reiki Blessings Academy & Yogananda Institute

    Paul is a gift: If you have ever attended Yoga you know how important the right teacher is to the class. Paul brings to each class knowledge, serenity, peacefulness and connection. You leave his class with knowledge, serenity, peacefulness and feeling connected. Namaste! — Chris Moiseve

    I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was lost. While attending Paul’s yoga class I able to find my health, my positive attitude, and myself. — Peggy Fisher

    When I get to Paul’s class I feel like I have treated myself. The time flies by but when class is over, I also feel SO good! — Jessica B.