About Paul

Paul Fetler Bio Photograph
photo by: Adriana M. Galvez Photography

First Taste of BlissPaul was initially drawn to practice yoga postures for relief from physical and emotional stress and found its healing benefits transcended all other types of exercise he’d previously experienced. He immediately felt increased energy, unexpected inner peace. He was hooked for life.

New Directions UnfoldingEnjoying the physical benefits of yoga postures, Paul felt inspired to go into deeper subtle dimensions and practiced various approaches, eventually receiving 200 Hours teacher certification at Golden Bridge Yoga headed by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 2004. In 2005, he received 200 Hours certification with the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program headed by Gyandev McCord and Brook Cassady. Continuing his further Ananda Yoga and Meditation Training, Paul found his spiritual home in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. A student first, he continues to learn from yoga and meditation workshops elsewhere and enjoys continuing inspiration from teachers at Ananda LA and Center for Yoga in Los Angeles to deepen his practice.

Sharing with OthersPaul’s practice and approach to teaching hatha yoga is both inwardly joyful and physically exhilarating- the goal is to awaken an uplifted spaciousness in body and mind. He can then guide students to go deeper still into the spiritual power of meditation.

Paul respects each student’s needs, assisting them to find freedom in their inner and outer body. With caring support, he uses a flexible, individualized approach to help release tension, increase energy, tap into a childlike sense of exploration, and experience luminous beauty within. Click here for Paul’s yoga and meditation instruction offerings.

    Paul Fetler is an amazing teacher; attentive, intuitive and caring. He gives every class his all. Everyone I know who has taken a class from Paul has loved it and always goes back. — Brook Cassady; Yoga and Meditation Teacher, E-RYT 500, President of Brook Cassady Yoga and Ballujee Corporate Yoga

    Yoga with Paul is so incredible, every time when I’ve done it I feel truly calm, relaxed and released of stress. — Teresa E.

    I am a regular “yogini” in Paul’s class – more than 4 years. The studio is not close to my work and home, but I prefer to go there every Thursday. I love the instructor, the way he guides us and the nice atmosphere … everything- it brings balance to my mind, body, and “re-charges my batteries” and a sense of peace within myself. Thank you, Paul — Marieta S.

    Paul’s classes are gentle yet lively, calming yet energizing. I recommend his classes to anyone interested in yoga or meditation. Amazing teacher! — Emi Matsuda